fpgg - Feline Picture Gallery Generator

As of 08 October 2019, this page and related content is no longer maintained. Content is preserved as-is for reference, archival, and historical reasons. Use at your own peril.



fpgg stands for Feline Picture Gallery Generator – and that’s exactly what it is. What makes fpgg to stand out from other similar programs? I’m not sure, but it allows me to do exactly what I want to do.


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First of all, fpgg uses templates for generating galleries. Templates are nothing new – quite the opposite – but together with build_html.pl, generated galleries are seamlessly integrated to the rest of your website. It’s designed (read: evolved) that way!

fpgg allows (and requires) user to input metadata about each picture. At minimum, this metadata consists of title for the picture. Apart from a simple title, each picture can be given abritary description, zero or more picture categories, and link to an online map.

Description can be HTML-formatted, and may contain limited set of macros to link to other pictures in gallery.


fpgg is written in Perl, and it uses ImageMagick to resize images and to acquire their dimensions. In addition, md5sum is used to identify images and spot any changes between runs.


Documentation of fpgg in included in the distribution package as DocBook XML-file and PDF. There also exists occasionally updated online version, created with docbook2html. Documentation still lacks decent examples, so until its done, you can have a look at example setup.


As mentioned above, fpgg was written to fill a need. Also working as demo for fpgg, galleries for my personal travel photographs are created with fpgg.


bzip2-compressed tar-balls of checked out Subversion repository exist.