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misc sources

Most of the stuff is released under GPL, see packets for details.

Copyright 2007-2008 Tommi Saviranta

Short description:

cod_stat - Call of Duty statistics generator. See
	for details.

ftc - Simple tool to transfer files between two users. There's no STUN or
	anything fancy, so the user running ftc in server mode must be able to
	accept incoming connections. It is, however, irrelevant which one is
	sending and which one is receiving the files. ftc also provides "telnet
	compatibility mode", in which ftc can be used to send and receive data
	to and from, respectively, dummy clients such as "telnet" and "nc".

ilbstool - command line tool to encode/decode iLBC, internet Low Bitrate Codec
	Released under LGPL 2.1. Package fetches RFC and strips example
	implementation of iLBC from it.

nclife - Game of Life using ncurses. nclife keeps record of cells, and detects
	deadlocks, creating new living cells. nclife can detect some livelocks
	as well! Runs great on 21-inch LCD in textmode.

sigwrap - Wrapper application to launch other applications that may report
	"success" using a signal, and that may or may not return in given
	timeout. Intended to be used to start X, and block until X is ready to
	accept connections. This toy is a general-use version of that.