Woclema - Weblog, Originally Command Line Editable/Manageable

Tommi Saviranta

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Features
4. Installation
4.1. Installing Woclema
4.2. Setting up HTTP server
4.3. Setting up database
5. Configuration
6. Usage
6.1. Posting entry
6.2. Editing entry
6.3. Weblog entry file format
7. Contact

1. Introduction

Woclema isn't just "yet another" Weblogging software. Unlike most others, Wolcema uses Perl instead of PHP, and PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. That alone should make Woclema stand out. But that's not all. Like its name suggests, Woclema was initially designed to be edited and managed from command line. In other words it provides friendly command line interface to publish and edit log entries. This way you can easily use your favourite editor, save the file, and continue writing later.