Amiga projects


During my Amiga-phase of my life (1994 - 1999) I familiarised myself with AmigaE (Wikipedia) programming language. While I wrote several programs with it, following three are probably the most useful of them. While they should work with Workbench 1.3 with ReqTools installed, I won’t be making any promises… I wish I could give out the sources, but unfortunately I lost most of my sources when I managed to screw up my harddrive with ReOrg (no, it did nothing wrong, I just managed to crash my Amiga during running ReOrg)… The next day I switched to SFS.

Pick your poison…




popUpStart is kind of ToolsDaemon -replacement (written at the time ToolsDaemon was a bit unstable). When correct key combination is pressed or mouse is moved to the bottom of the screen (and kept there for a while), a window with custimized menu is opened. This makes starting programs and running scripts quite easy… and fast. It even registers itself to Commodity-whatever. (v0.34, 8095 bytes)


reminder is more or less useful and annoying reminder of things meant to run each time Workbench is started. Reminder will remind you about things each n days and is able to launch programs with or without a request to do so. It also has “safe mode” which keeps reminding you until you launch defined program. (v0.33, 4579 bytes)


xUnARJ is a wrapper for extracting multi-volume ARJ-archives. It uses UnARJ complete the task. (v0.68, 2855 bytes)