Digital Photographs

Stockholm, August 2009

Vasa warship, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2009 Extremely minimal set of photographs from Stockholm, Sweden. If it weren't for Vasa, I suppose there photos could be from anywhere. You have been warned.


Random pictures 2008

Random pictures 2008 Random pictures taken in 2008.


Lapinjärvi, autumn 2008

Lapinjärvi, autumn 2008 Ten years ago I was conscripted into the Finnish Defence Forces, just like the other boys of my age. While most complete their duty for the country before they turn 21, I decided to finish my studies and postpone the unevitable. Bah, if I can't get to the air force they can't have me at all. The wait paid off as non-military service was shortened by one month to 12 months.

Nature-biased photos.

Rome, August 2008

Rome, August 2008 I was going to enter my non-military service in about a month, my passport would expire by the end of the year, and I would not be getting a new one before I was done with my obligations to my country. Since all roads lead to Rome this was an easy pick.


Berlin, Germany, July 2008

Berlin, July 2008 Paid vac-- erm, business trip from cold and rainy Helsinki to sunny and warm Berlin. What I ask for more? More time to spare there, of course. Three work days in Berlin, two evenings to walk around the city. So much to see, so little time. No pre-planning, just walking where ever my feet take me.


Random pictures 2007

Random pictures 2007 Random pictures taken in 2007 CE. Although locations are supposedly totally random, all of them are from Finland.


Switzerland, September/October 2007

Switzerland, September/October 2007 My wife's father's flight bonus points were about to expire once more. We knew to expect this horrible destiny, and already had plans for the moment at finally struck. However, we couldn't decide if we should be going to Rome, somewhere in Scotland, or Paris. Then my aunt spent a night at our place. She suggested we would come to her place, Switzerland instead. Why not? We didn't exactly have money to spend, but getting out of the country once a year would be worth it. So, be packed out stuff, and went on to spend four days in Luzern (or Lucernce) and half a day in Zürich.


Lauttasaari, Helsinki, August 2007

Lauttasaari, 2007: Swans Movial was having our annual summer party at Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland. As usually, I didn't participate much, but use the opportunity (read: excuse) to walk a bit around Lauttasaari. Another set of weird and pointless photographs here.


Juuka/Koli/Tervo, Finland, July 2007

Juuka/Koli/Tervo, 2007: Somewhere in Finland I haven't done much traveling in Finland for ages -- and none with a digital camera with me. These photographs are from our short tour around Eastern Finland through Juuka, Koli, and my home town,


Japan, September 2006

Japan, 2006: Daiyagawa, Nikkoo I knew I would have to come back. I knew it all along. Fortunately for us, my wife's father had plenty of flight bonus points to spare, and expensive two-week trip to Japan got considerably cheaper. Since we both had been to Japan before, we could also go see something not-so-often seen by foreign turists.


New York, August 2005

USA, 2005: Manhattan, New York While I had already seen the world this year, my better half was still looking to get out of country. With her father's flight points, it would by only natural to go to American Museum of Natural History in New York -- now that we had already seen the British Museum year before.


Japan, June 2005

Japan, 2005: Imperial Palace, Tokyo While Tianyan couldn't make it to Japan, her mother in China helped me to get a flight ticket from Beijing to Tokyo for half the price I could've got from Finland. Finally one of the biggest dreams I had was to become true. Without Tianyan talking me over, I hardly think I would've got there.


China, June 2005

China, 2005: Beijing, The Forbidden City In early 2005 Tianyan, a friend at work, started asking me to come to visit China with him. He was going to see his parents and promised me a place to stay and insisted I wouldn't be a burden. After thinking it for a couple of months I asked if my Significant Other would mind. I was good to go. Next thing I knew I was already arranging flights and looking for a hotel room in Japan.