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Timeouts and stream buffering with GNU coreutils

29 Jul 2021 14:26:32 FFR, software

Use timeout(1) to terminate application that runs for too long (and to sleep for a fraction of a second), and stdbuf(1) to disable buffering.

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Photos from Marburg/Frankfurt, Germany, December 2012

17 May 2020 15:38:36 photos
Marburg Schloss, Germany

My first trip to anoter country with snow at location, more than 100 km from Finland. Free accommodation was available in Marburg, so that’s where I’d be going. No particular purpose, but local activities may have included a bit of geocaching.

See the photos.


Photos from Norway, August 2012

26 Apr 2020 17:17:53 photos
Sørbotn, Norway

A seven day roadtrip to Norway. 3500 kilometres by an estate car with three passengers (including driver), a tent, sleeping bags, and great scenery. Admittedly much time was spent driving in Finland but it’s the thought that counts.

See the photos.


SSH connection multiplexing

7 Apr 2020 00:22:25 FFR, software

OpenSSH has built-in connection multiplexing. I’ve been using SSH for two decades, and only now I realise SSH comes with connection multiplexing. See ssh_config option ControlMaster.

I use SSH daily. I create and use SSH tunnels daily. To name a few uses, I use SSH tunnels for database connections, HTTP connections, and for SSH connections. I used to connect to x11vnc over an SSH tunnel. I create tunnels that require two hops. However, never have I used SSH connection multiplexing. Until tonight.

Host foo
        Hostname        example.com
        ControlPath     /var/run/user/1000/%r@%h:%p
        ControlMaster   auto
        ControlPersist  10m

This simple config will /automagically/ start a master process on first connection to foo, and share that for future connections. Master is killed 10 minutes after the last client disconnect.

I am sure there are benefits in having dedicated process for each connection. I am sure there are drawbacks in connection multiplexing. For now, I’m just happy to learn something new.


Photos from Paris, France, March 2011

14 Jan 2020 23:13:11 photos
Paris, France

Random pictures from seemingly random locations.

See the photos.


TCP port scanner

13 Jan 2020 20:37:32 software

portscan is super simple TCP port scanner for a particular purpose. It exists because I was too lazy to read nmap manual about timing options and I wanted to scan a host for open ports. Also, it was a perfect opportunity to have another learning experience with Golang. This tool will trigger each and every IDS along the way. You should use nmap instead.

Should you want to proceed against all the odds, you can find the sources at GitLab).


Photos from Tallinn, Estonia, August 2010

13 Jan 2020 20:22:26 photos
Tallinn, Estonia

Small set of photos from Tallinn, Estonia, taken back in August 2010.

See the photos.



27 Dec 2019 02:20:18 software

xmlstream is a Golang package for streaming XML output. It was created to replace raw text output of gpx-to-kml. Conveniently both also served as a little exercise at Golang. Little documentation exists as of yet.

You can find the sources at GitLab.


Website overhaul

26 Dec 2019 02:27:11 diary, software

wnd.katei.fi website is now generated with Jekyll with photos handled mostly by Sigal. Jekyll is used unmodified, but with two custom plugins. I had to modify Sigal slightly to make passing its output to Jekyll more bearable. Both use custom themes. Finally, there’s a Makefile to orchestrate builds, link checks, and pushing changes live. All this means site layout has changed dramatically. While I personally strongly dislike browsing Teh Web on mobile, I’ve spent quite a bit of effort to improve readability on such devices. It’s not perfect still.

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HTML and mobile browsers

24 Oct 2019 23:06:54 rant

I don’t understand HTML rendering anymore. I understand h1, h2, p structure. However it seems that on mobile not all equal text is created equal.

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