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Quick links. More detailed list follows.


As of late 2019, I am in transition to relocate my (relevant?) projects to GitLab. Most/all writted for personal use to serve a particular (niche) purpose.

List of my public projects at GitLab.. The list below is not in any particular order nor likely up to date.


miau is a full featured IRC-bouncer written in C. Never quit from IRC and lose your nick again. If you’re planning to take a look at the code, prepare for the worst and preferrably make an appointment with a therapist in advance.

As of 2019, miau has not been actively developed for years.


During my GNU/Linux years I have written a few patches for various projects. They’re probably worthless to others, but at least I have given me something to do.


I have written several small scripts sh, Perl and tcl/tk scripts. Perhaps someone will find one of them useful.

This list is no longer maintained.

misc sources

Miscellaneous toys. See directory index for more details.


A few of my old Amiga projects. Never finished them, but at least I used those every day. No promises made. Also includes ramblings such as “Amiga+SLIP+Linux = Internet”.

Commodore 64

I have also worked on some applications for Commodore 64, written in assembler.


Woclema is weblogging software written in Perl using PostgreSQL. It is intended for users who prefer doing things at command line, and as such doesn’t have any web-UI for posting or editing entries. It features comments, post categories, and simple spam protection. See the [project page][woclema] for details, or a partial copy of the old version of my website for example of Woclema in action.

Woclema is no longer developed.


wanha is a combination of Perl-script to run a bot on IRC to watch the channel for URLs and another script to run as a web-interface on a HTTP-server. The bot will watch over the channel, friendly and warmly keeping the conversation going, discreetly discouraging people not to paste already pasted URLs again.

wanha is no longer in development.


comic-get is a tool to download internet comics. Rules to get comics can be downloaded from repository (or repositories).

comic-get is no longer in development.


fpgg is yet another gallery generator. The big difference to competition is that I don’t think fpgg sucks. :-)

wanha is no longer in development.


SpeexComm is yet another VoIP application developed with Tuomas Kulve. This one is completely free (as in speech and lunch). As the name suggests, it uses Speex for audio encoding.

Downloads are hosted on SourceForge.

SpeexComm project never left prototyping phase and is no longer in development.


comimg was another www-based bulletin board system, except that it allows registered users to upload images for others to view, comment and rate. Written in PHP using PostgreSQL. I guess the first PHP/PostgreSQL-project could result in worse. When coming was online, image uploads and structured comments were uncommon on web.

Needless to say, comimg is no longer in development.


wig-bisect is a Wherigo cartridge extraction tool.


icasefile was a LD_PRELOAD hack for Linux. It makes many file operations case-insensitive. Great harm can be done with this, but it also helps with stuff badly ported from MS Windows or Apple OS X. It most certainly helped me with Homeworld SDL and some Cave Story.

icasefile is mostly useless with modern Linux releases.


condnet is a LD_PRELOAD hack that can be used to create a non-fireproof, firewalled environment for a single process.


Conquest is a simple text-mode 4X sci-fi game. Not my work but rather a report to Linux.


ruutu-dl is/was a tool for downloading videos from and

ruutu-dl is no longer is development and hence no longer functional.