Tommi Saviranta
Fleminginkatu 12b A 21
FI-00530 Helsinki

Other means

E-mail: whiskey-november-delta-at-india-kilo-india-dot-foxtrot-india
SIP: sip:<email> (without +web)
Mobile phone: +358-44-2852 142 (also see below)
IRC: wnd at IRCNet (and FreeNode when home)

You may want to use my PGP key.
Fingerprint: BCC7 447E 1D5F 0D5A 7214 08B9 A221 7426 4389 FDB7. Don't trust the fingerprint here; ask someone (like me at IRC) if it matches.

PGP path

Find PGP path to me or see my info. Uses script which can be found at