comic-get - your source of online comics


Do you get your daily fix of comic strips online? Do you visit gazillion webpages to read them? Tired of all that hassle? Choose comfort. Choose ease-of-use. Choose tranquillity. Choose differently. Choose comic-get. comic-get is a command line utility for automatic fetching of online comics, and a tribute to all-famous apt-get.


comic-get uses rulefiles, sort of packages, to figure where and how to get the comics. End users only need to install certain package, such as "mutts", and tell comic-get up fetch the newest comic strip for installed packages. In the likely case desired comic does not yet have a rulefile, user can write one him- or herself, and set up a repository for others to use!


Written in Perl, comic-get can be run on virtually any modern operating system. Because rulefiles commonly convert images to pre-defined file format, convert from ImageMagick is essential.


Documentation of comic-get in included in the distribution package as DocBook XML-file and PDF. There also exists occasionally updated online version, created with docbook2html.


bzip2-compressed tar-balls of checked out Subversion repository exist.