Maemo stuff for Diablo, Chinook


Set of patches for Maemo Mapper. Fixes several memory leaks, and improves UI (unintuitively) for more pleasurable Geocaching experience.

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How to write a Maemo Desktop plugin with transparency/shaped widget? How do I know when the plugin was clicked instead of dragged? How do I add an entry to Applet settings menu? How do I package a Desktop plugin? It’s fairly simple, really. I’m not a tutorial writer, so I’ll just mention a few key points here. Use the source, Luke! Also, don’t trust me blindly, I’m sure there are better ways to do at least some of the things…

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bt-gps is a wrapper script for making Nokia N810 running Maemo 4 (Diablo) to act as Bluetooth GPS dongle. Currently only command line interface exists.

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workaround-3415 is a workaround for Maemo Bugzilla bug #3415. In short, if you’re experiencing dead hardware keys, unbearably slow device, or spontanious reboots after waking up the device from idle, this package may be what you’re looking for (in addition to actual fixing the issue).

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Load/setup IPv6.

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