Beaten video games

I have spend lot of my life with computers. Especially in my earlier years, significant amount of the time was spent playing video games. This is a list of games I have beaten. If I have not finished the game, but I consider that there was very little else to do, I have marked the game with an asterix and explained why I think the game should be mentioned here. This list is most likely incomplete.

Android (2013-)

Atari ST(FM) (owned in around 1994)

Commodore 64 (owned 1993-1996, 2004-present)

Commodore Amiga (mainly 1996-2000)


GNU/Linux (1999-)

IBM-PC (DOS) (since 2010 using DOSbox)

MSX (between 1990-1993)

Nintendo (Famicom) (around 1993-1999, 2004-present)

I never owned this console.

Nintendo Gameboy (around 1997-1998)

never owned this console.

Nintendo DS (2010-)

Using my sister’s device.

Nintendo Wii (2012-2014)

PC-Engine (2010-)

Running on an emulator.

Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) (around 1994-1997 I think, 2004-present)

I never owned this console myself.

Sony Playstation (2) (around 1995-2002, 2005-2014)

S.C.U.M.M. (since around 2000)

Windows (1999-2015)

Most games are played with the most difficult level there is available after installation.