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Quick patch for java-package 0.4.1 to support Sun Java SE 6 Updates Early Access, update 12, b02. In other words, you’ll get 64-bit browser Java plugin neatly (more of less) packaged as a Debian archive.

Updated ALSA driver for sidplay2

Updated ALSA driver for good old sidplay2. Also see my weblog entry about this.

sidplay1 with ALSA

ALSA driver for good old sidplay1. Get the patch against sidplay-base-1.0.9 from Debian, and/or read more about it in respective weblog entry.

md5sum/shaXsum cracking with John


This patch includes safe channel patch and disabled ctrl-w patch. It does not touch Debian metadata.

Safe channels

Make X-Chat understand safe channels better.

Disable Ctrl-W in X-Chat

Ever used XChat and windows in VIm withing five minutes? Ever parted channels by an accident by pressing Ctrl-W? This patch is for you! Adds configuration option to disable keyboard shortcut for closing a tab. Changing the option requires restarting XChat since I could not be bothered to find after its creation. Comes in two flavours.

Adjustable tab-sizes for Galeon

Default tab-size in Galeon are just huge. This patch provides a gconf-key and a nice field in preferences window to adjust them. Note that changing the size doesn’t affect existing tabs unless you play with them (read: change tabs).

Hacked gamecon.c

Hacked gamecon.c is a small hack to make the original gamecon.c run faster. With this hack, I can finally play Sony Playstation games with (analog) PSX-gamepad in full speed!

PC Speaker

One day I bumped onto kernel-module that would make PC Speaker /dev/dsp. I was overjoyed for my discovery, but the thing wouldn’t compile. This is a fix for PC Speaker DSP -module. The original can be (or could be) found at This one is for Linux 2.4.x.