Nethack ascension #2

Neutral male human wizard


Ok, I have already ascended once, with a samurai, so this ought to be a little different. Playing a wizard was a pain in the beginning, I always got beaten up by a mumak or leocrotta, but after I learned to pull back before it was too late, the things begun to work.

Warming up

I started to ascend, and to my big surprise, found a wand of wishing at dungeon level 2 ! This one was starting way too good, I had to die on no time. I wished a blessed +2 grey dragon scale male, two blessed scrolls of charging, but only got one, and blessed +3 speed boots. With the right equipment I got as far as to level six, where a mumak and a tiger blocked my way. I backtraced to the gnomish mines, where I gained several levels.

I cleaned the mines, including luck stone, but never found a bag of holding. Sold lots of stuff at gnomish town, even found a +3 pot to protect my head - the pot didn't interfere with cast spells too much. When I was ready, I decided to face mumak and the tiger again. This time it was quite easy - last time they hit me worth of 30 HP while I hit them once (with my blessed +1 quarterstaff) - this time I got the mumak with a few force bolts, then went back up to let myself heal.

Statues at the Oracle gave me two spellbooks, spellbook of healing and spellbook of confuse monsters. I continued descending, fought my way thru Sokoban where I got my amulet of reflection. Darn, still no bag of holding. I continued descending until I found Medusa's island. I knew I had to turn back since I couldn't levitate nor jump. On my way back I found a spellbook of jump and a spellbook of magic mapping.

With my new spell, although it failed 78% of the time, I mapped all known levels, but still I couldn't find portal to Fort Ludios. Still, I knew where the vaults were so I collected decent amount of money and went to see the priest at level 15, where I had my stash of stuff right next to my altar. My altar had no priest, but luckily there are a lawful altar with a priest on the same level. With some donations, I got my natural armor class down to 4.

The Quest

After wandering around, I decided to wish for a bag of holding. With new possession it would be easier to go on to the Quest. The Quest was easy. In fact, too easy. With the spellbook of charm monsters and my Magicbane the Dark One was not an obstacle - when he summoned monsters, I charmed them. I had to follow him upstairs until I got to block his way up, so all I had to do was to hit him. In no time, I was holding the Eye of the Aethiopica (and the Bell). My first time to get this far with a wizard, by the way. I walked back to my leader, talked to him and he let me to have the amulet. Next, I'd be to face Medusa.

Medusa's island

When I first entered Medusa's island, an invisible minotaur summoned some monsters around me. Yellow dragon, hill giant, tiger, vampire and a few others. I started hitting them until the yellow dragon hit me hard. My hit points dropped from 80 to 1 (SIC) and I escaped upstairs. When I was still healing myself, a cockatrice entered the room. I healed myself, killed the beast and wielded it. I went back down and in no time the room as decorated by a few nice status. I threw my fellow away and started bashing the dragon.

I cleared the waters with my new spell, magic missile, then jumped over the waters to Medusa. I wore a blindfold, entered the room and decided to beat Medusa instead of using the mirror I had in my bag. She escaped downstairs and I followed. I already gave her some serious blows, so it only took me to hits to finish her.


I continued to the castle, where a force bolt took care of the drawbridge. This time there were no winter wolves inside so I killed defenders with magic missiles, then jumped in. I got the wand and went to kill the dragons. First I opened the door to meet orange and silver dragon. While beating them, the other dragons, black and yellow one thought it would be time for a walk. Black dragon crashed through the door and almost hit me with a blast of disintegration. Luckily for me, his breath bounced from the wall and hit yellow dragon _behind_ the black one. I closed door behind be, killed the silver dragon while black one flied to throne room.

When I got to throne room, I tried to take the remaining two with magic missiles - unluckily the black dragon disintegrated my cloak and my armor. I decided to pull back since I wasn't disintegration resistant. Wearing a ring of polymorph control, I went back to gnomish town where I thought I left my cloak of magic resistance. Nothing. I used my first wand to wishing for a new grey dragon scale mail and for gauntlets of dexterity. Next I used my magic markers to write scrolls of enchant armor and scrolls of genocide. I genocided 'L's 'h's and 'R's to make sure there weren't any surprises. Newly equipped, remaining two dragons were dead in no time. From now on, I would never try to kill a black dragon from a distance.

On my way to the vibrating square

I jumped down to the Valley of Dead, set up the lights with my new spell, light, and descended to Gehennom. When I found lair of Asmodeus, I got next to him while he was still peaceful. I decided to talk to him and he asked me to pay for a passage. He settled for 820 zorkmids, I thought it was reasonable so I gave him the money and he let me pass. I never thought a demon had use for money - for that small amount of money. The other demons didn't accept my payment, but were quite easy to handle. The only one causing me trouble was Orcus, who paralyzed me a couple of times while smaller demons kept hitting me.

While fighting my way down to the bottom I used the Eye couple of times to get back up to get to donate to the priest. After few times, my natural AC was 1. I got to the bottom, found the vibrating square and decided to drop the Bell. Second thoughts, perhaps I wouldn't. I forgot to pack my wand of lightning so I couldn't burn "Elbereth" on the floor. Oh well, on my way back up.

Once I was back at my stash I used ages in sacrificing monsters to my god (that "create monster" -spell sure did come handy) to get some potions of water blessed. While doing this, I got crowned (which slowed the process a bit) and was given a few artifacts and a spellbook of finger of death. Definetly not a bad omen.

Vlad and the Wizard

I got the wand, went back down, took care of Vlad the Impaler and the Candelabrum and dropped the invocation artifacts next to the square. Next, I'd be facing the Wizard - this time equipped with a finger of death. Oh, this would be fun. :-)

I continued my journey to meet the Wizard. I casted "dig" to get to the Wizard and instantly, he teleported right next to me. As he was floating above water, I moved one square back so his belongings wouldn't drop to the water. Once he was on solid ground, I casted finger of death at him and that was it. I took the Amulet and went to the bottom. I never actually saw the Wizard on my way down.

Amulet of Yendor

It took me quite a while to find the door to Moloch's sanctum by casting "dig". After killing high-priest, Moloch zapped me and my ring of free action exploded. I used one lase remaining wish of my original wand for a new one. I grabbed the Amulet and started ascending to the surface.

I barely saw any sings of the Wizard, my Magicbane absorbed all but on try to curse my stuff. Ascending was, still, a pain as I got thrown back down several times. When I finally got back to dungeons of doom, I collected most important items from my stashes, blessed my stuff and went to the planes.

End game

This time plane of earth was easy - I never even had to use axe nor spell "dig". Wizard popped up a couple of times, but finger of death was too much for him. Plane of air almost got me killed - those nasty air elementals kept swallowing me until I realized that I shouldn't kill those nice little energy vortexes. Energy vortexes provided me a safe place to eat and heal myself. After killing about ten dragons I found the portal when a monster disappeared from sight.

Plane of fire was a pain as usually. Not just because it took two hours to get past it but also because I didn't have ring of levitation. Archons provided me company which kept me busy but also my belly satisfied. Finally I found the portal and entered plane of water. After arriving the plane of water I read my "last change" -scroll of genocide to wipe out ';'s. There was no other way to survive this place with all those sea monsters around without an amulet of magical breathing. I kept searching for the portal and this time I found it pretty soon.

Astral plane

Ah, the astral plane. This time, too, I was given a guardian angel. I took my wands of death and wand of wishing out the bag and started writing scrolls of charging and charging my wands of death (which were unused already). My plans to prepare my equipment was cut short as the door to the left opened and some angels appeared. Oh great, I was to fight Pestilence. Pestilence managed to hit me once before I killed him with good old finger of death. I healed myself with my unicorn horn and fought to the altar. I was almost offering the amulet as I realized the altar was not Thoth's but Ptah's. Oops. :-)

Next I decided to get past Death as I had never met him before. I managed to get past Pestilence with no skirmish - the insects blocked him from reaching me. I realized that finger of death would be useless with Death so I took him down with magic missiles. He even tried to teleport away but failed. I only had to kill him once and I already was at the alter. At Thoth's alter.

Final thoughts

Thinking it, playing wizard instead of samurai was easy. Starting the game was the hard part, not the rest of it. It only took me a day to get from Medusa to the astral plane while with samurai it took me a day to get to the astral plane from Moloch's sanctum. Which role to play next ?-)

There is an altar to Thoth (neutral) here.

                                   --------- D
            -----                  |...@...|V
             ...|                 @|...@...|A@
     ---------..--   -----       H |.......|
     |.......|...-- --          |  |.......|  |
     |.......|$...---           |. ----|---- @|
     |..._.)))...$$-!           |.....@...H...|
     |.......|$...---           ---..@A&....---
     |.......|...-- --            -----|-----
     ---------..--   ----%---        a
             ...|      |%  -------
            -----      |         |     5
                       -------   --    *
                             |    --   %%
                             ---   ----)----
                               |       )
Wind the Necromancer      St:18/** Dx:21 Co:18 In:22 Wi:22 Ch:15  Neutral
Astral Plane $:0  HP:171(171) Pw:234(331) AC:-34 Exp:24


You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Thoth...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Thoth thunders: "Congratulations, mortal!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigod...

Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n)

 u - an uncursed amulet of life saving
 w - the blessed Eye of the Aethiopica (being worn)
 L - a blessed amulet of life saving
 a - the blessed rustproof +6 Magicbane (weapon in hand)
 i - a blessed rustproof +4 helm of brilliance (being worn)
 k - an uncursed fireproof +5 pair of gauntlets of dexterity (being worn)
 r - a blessed fireproof +5 pair of speed boots (being worn)
 B - a blessed fireproof +4 cloak of displacement (being worn)
 G - a blessed +4 gray dragon scale mail (being worn)
 M - the blessed Book of the Dead
 R - 4 uncursed potions of full healing
 z - an uncursed +1 ring of gain constitution
 O - an uncursed ring of regeneration (on right hand)
 U - an uncursed ring of sustain ability (on left hand)
 g - a wand of death (1:5)
 l - a wand of death (1:4)
 m - a wand of lightning (0:5)
 t - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
 x - a blessed bag of holding named #1
 A - the blessed Bell of Opening (0:2)
 D - a blessed skeleton key
 H - the blessed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles attached)
 I - a blessed bag of holding named #2
 N - a blessed blindfold
 W - a blessed magic lamp (lit)
 Z - a blessed luckstone

Contents of the bag of holding named #1:

a blessed magic marker (0:64)
2 blessed scrolls of charging
a blessed magic marker (1:4)
the rustproof +4 Frost Brand
an uncursed potion of healing
3 uncursed diamonds
4 uncursed dilithium crystals
4 uncursed rubies
6 uncursed citrine stones
the blessed rustproof +3 Demonbane
7 uncursed black opals
4 uncursed opals
a blessed diluted potion of extra healing
a wand of digging (0:4)
an uncursed +2 ring of protection
7 uncursed agate stones
a blessed spellbook of finger of death named (1)
a wand of digging (0:8)
a wand of digging (0:6)
a wand of digging (0:6)
a wand of digging (0:7)
3 uncursed scrolls of blank paper
a +0 pick-axe
a wand of digging (0:7)
a wand of digging (0:6)
a wand of digging (0:5)
an uncursed spellbook of extra healing named (3?)
the blessed rustproof +1 Dragonbane
the rustproof +2 Fire Brand
the rustproof +0 Mjollnir
a wand of cold (0:5)
a wand of fire (0:1)
2 uncursed potions of healing
a wand of digging (0:4)
an uncursed lump of royal jelly
an uncursed +0 ring of protection
the +4 Sunsword
a wand of polymorph (0:3)
a blessed magic marker (1:9)
a wand of lightning (0:3)
16 uncursed black opals
an uncursed ring of regeneration
an uncursed amulet of life saving
13 blessed scrolls of blank paper
an uncursed luckstone
9 uncursed turquoise stones
7 uncursed citrine stones
8 uncursed sapphires
10 uncursed emeralds
9 uncursed fluorite stones
4 uncursed jacinth stones
2 uncursed dilithium crystals
4 uncursed opals
10 uncursed jade stones
17 uncursed rubies
10 uncursed garnet stones
4 uncursed amber stones
4 uncursed agate stones
4 uncursed topaz stones
3 uncursed touchstones
4 uncursed obsidian stones
7 uncursed aquamarine stones
3 uncursed flint stones
10 uncursed jet stones
5 uncursed chrysoberyl stones
4 uncursed jasper stones
3 uncursed diamonds
2 uncursed amethyst stones
a wand of teleportation (0:5)
a blessed potion of full healing
a blessed scroll of magic mapping
2 uncursed pancakes
7 uncursed lembas wafers
a +0 unicorn horn
an uncursed ring of conflict
an uncursed ring of polymorph control
2 blessed scrolls of remove curse
an uncursed potion of restore ability
an uncursed blindfold
3 uncursed diluted potions of object detection
a blessed diluted potion of polymorph
23 potions of holy water
an uncursed ring of polymorph
9 uncursed potions of full healing
an uncursed amulet of reflection
4 uncursed candy bars
a blessed scroll of stinking cloud
an uncursed magic whistle
3 uncursed scrolls of fire
an uncursed blindfold
an uncursed +2 ring of adornment
an uncursed lizard corpse

The bag of holding named #2 is empty.

Do you want to see your attributes? [ynq] (n)

Final Attributes:

You were the Envoy of Balance.
You were piously aligned.
You were fire resistant.
You were cold resistant.
You were sleep resistant.
You were disintegration-resistant.
You were shock resistant.
You were poison resistant.
You were magic-protected.
You saw invisible.
You were telepathic.
You were warned.
You were displaced.
You could teleport.
You had teleport control.
You regenerated.
You were protected.
You were very fast.
You had fixed abilities.
You were extremely lucky.
You had extra luck.
Good luck did not time out for you.
You survived.

Do you want an account of creatures vanquished? [ynq] (n)

Vanquished creatures:

The Wizard of Yendor (13 times)
an arch-lich
a high priest
4 mastodons
17 krakens
5 Archons
17 iron golems
2 ki-rin
7 storm giants
a titan
3 glass golems
2 balrogs
7 purple worms
2 gray dragons
8 silver dragons
16 red dragons
5 white dragons
2 orange dragons
8 black dragons
6 blue dragons
2 green dragons
6 yellow dragons
11 minotaurs
3 jabberwocks
The Dark One
12 baluchitheria
8 Angels
3 demiliches
Vlad the Impaler
19 stone golems
a master mind flayer
18 Olog-hai
5 Nazguls
13 pit fiends
3 sandestins
10 hell hounds
14 titanotheres
13 trappers
a baby gray dragon
a baby red dragon
a baby blue dragon
a guardian naga
3 disenchanters
39 vampire lords
5 skeletons
22 aligned priests
8 captains
6 shades
5 liches
5 clay golems
11 nurses
8 ice devils
5 nalfeshnees
7 lurkers above
4 Aleaxes
8 frost giants
8 ettins
3 golden nagas
14 black puddings
36 vampires
12 lieutenants
35 ghosts
a wizard
a queen bee
10 winged gargoyles
a mind flayer
13 giant mimics
13 zruties
21 fire giants
16 ogre kings
10 ice trolls
30 rock trolls
11 umber hulks
18 flesh golems
15 Elvenkings
5 doppelgangers
24 hezrous
10 bone devils
9 large mimics
8 wumpuses
6 fire vortices
2 baby purple worms
21 long worms
14 couatls
15 stalkers
15 air elementals
30 fire elementals
24 earth elementals
18 water elementals
16 hill giants
5 giant mummies
9 black nagas
33 xorns
31 giant zombies
37 elf-lords
13 sergeants
10 barbed devils
21 vrocks
14 salamanders
28 wargs
7 winter wolves
4 hell hound pups
28 small mimics
4 glass piercers
8 warhorses
10 steam vortices
25 xans
6 ettin mummies
16 ogre lords
21 quantum mechanics
16 trolls
3 sasquatches
4 wood golems
3 erinyes
5 mariliths
3 djinn
8 sharks
14 electric eels
17 gelatinous cubes
6 pyrolisks
2 large dogs
9 freezing spheres
8 flaming spheres
14 shocking spheres
3 large cats
16 tigers
24 gargoyles
a dwarf king
29 tengu
22 ochre jellies
20 leocrottas
10 energy vortices
8 mountain centaurs
19 stone giants
8 elf mummies
8 human mummies
11 red nagas
6 green slimes
14 pit vipers
4 pythons
13 cobras
58 wraiths
14 carnivorous apes
21 ettin zombies
5 leather golems
35 Grey-elves
79 soldiers
9 horned devils
16 succubi
8 incubi
17 chameleons
10 crocodiles
30 giant beetles
16 quivering blobs
39 cockatrices
26 wolves
7 winter wolf cubs
5 lynxes
11 panthers
15 gremlins
8 spotted jellies
32 leprechauns
6 orc-captains
5 iron piercers
8 mumakil
18 giant spiders
20 scorpions
11 horses
an ice vortex
14 black lights
114 vampire bats
11 forest centaurs
5 gnome kings
10 orc mummies
9 dwarf mummies
4 ogres
11 brown puddings
10 rust monsters
14 owlbears
12 yetis
6 gold golems
5 werewolves
33 Green-elves
6 piranhas
20 giant eels
32 lizards
5 chickatrices
3 dogs
6 dingos
4 housecats
17 jaguars
6 dwarf lords
12 blue jellies
9 white unicorns
4 black unicorns
21 dust vortices
22 ravens
5 plains centaurs
5 gnome mummies
16 snakes
4 water moccasins
15 apes
39 human zombies
6 rope golems
14 Woodland-elves
28 soldier ants
18 fire ants
30 bugbears
5 imps
8 lemures
16 quasits
11 wood nymphs
13 water nymphs
7 mountain nymphs
26 Mordor orcs
38 Uruk-hai
12 orc shamans
24 rock piercers
8 rock moles
2 ponies
14 fog clouds
26 yellow lights
5 shriekers
11 violet fungi
26 gnome lords
8 gnomish wizards
10 kobold mummies
a black naga hatchling
14 gray oozes
7 barrow wights
15 elf zombies
19 ghouls
6 straw golems
5 paper golems
9 jellyfish
51 giant ants
7 little dogs
23 floating eyes
3 kittens
23 dwarves
11 homunculi
4 kobold lords
8 kobold shamans
24 hill orcs
48 rothes
10 rabid rats
5 centipedes
16 giant bats
8 monkeys
25 orc zombies
19 dwarf zombies
9 wererats
2 werejackals
24 iguanas
65 killer bees
56 acid blobs
5 coyotes
7 gas spores
14 hobbits
32 manes
5 large kobolds
33 hobgoblins
15 giant rats
6 cave spiders
5 brown molds
13 yellow molds
5 green molds
3 red molds
75 gnomes
8 garter snakes
18 gnome zombies
23 geckos
13 jackals
2 foxes
2 kobolds
12 goblins
5 sewer rats
12 grid bugs
7 bats
12 lichens
19 kobold zombies
7 newts

3840 creatures vanquished.

Do you want a list of species genocided? [ynq] (n)

dwarf lords
dwarf kings
mind flayers
master mind flayers
master liches
rust monsters
giant eels
electric eels

19 species genocided.

Do you want to see your conduct? [ynq] (n)

You genocided 19 types of monsters.
You never changed form.
You used 11 wishes.
You did not wish for any artifacts.

Goodbye wind the Demigod...

You went to your reward with 6267448 points,
Magicbane (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points)
The Eye of the Aethiopica (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
Frost Brand (worth 3000 zorkmids and 7500 points)
Demonbane (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
Dragonbane (worth 500 zorkmids and 1250 points)
Fire Brand (worth 3000 zorkmids and 7500 points)
Mjollnir (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
Sunsword (worth 1500 zorkmids and 3750 points)
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
The Candelabrum of Invocation (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
The Book of the Dead (worth 10000 zorkmids and 25000 points)
      23 black opals (worth 57500 zorkmids),
      21 rubies (worth 73500 zorkmids),
      13 citrine stones (worth 19500 zorkmids),
      11 agate stones (worth 2200 zorkmids),
      10 emeralds (worth 25000 zorkmids),
      10 jet stones (worth 8500 zorkmids),
      10 garnet stones (worth 7000 zorkmids),
      10 jade stones (worth 3000 zorkmids),
       9 turquoise stones (worth 18000 zorkmids),
       9 fluorite stones (worth 3600 zorkmids),
       8 sapphires (worth 24000 zorkmids),
       8 opals (worth 6400 zorkmids),
       7 aquamarine stones (worth 10500 zorkmids),
       6 dilithium crystals (worth 27000 zorkmids),
       6 diamonds (worth 24000 zorkmids),
       5 chrysoberyl stones (worth 3500 zorkmids),
       4 jacinth stones (worth 13000 zorkmids),
       4 amber stones (worth 4000 zorkmids),
       4 topaz stones (worth 3600 zorkmids),
       4 jasper stones (worth 2000 zorkmids),
       4 obsidian stones (worth 800 zorkmids),
       2 amethyst stones (worth 1200 zorkmids),
       3 amulets of life saving (worth 450 zorkmids),
       1 amulet of reflection (worth 150 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 83149 moves.
You were level 24 with a maximum of 171 hit points when you ascended.

You made the top ten list!

 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  2    6267448  wind-Wiz-Hum-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.        171 [171]