Lapinjärvi, Finland, autumn 2008

Lapinjärvi, Finland, autumn 2008 / WWF: Fighting oil spills

The programme at Lapinjärvi was divided roughly in four. First of all there was programme compulsory for all: lectures on general things such as first aid, how to deal with the eleven-month work assignment, and sports. Everyone also had to pick one of the three specialities: fire and rescue (PP, "palo ja pelastus"), protection of environment and cultural wealth (YKS, "ympäristön ja kulttuurin suojelu"), and general knowledge and civil readiness (KaVa, "yleissivistus ja kansalaisvalmiudet"). On a rainy day on the second week, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) arrived to give a lecture on how to deal with oil spills. After suiting up Some of us even got to get their hands dirty.