Conquest in a nutshell

Conquest is an epic single player space empire game with extremely streamlined text user interface. The game covers it all; population management, technology research, epic space battles, brutal invasions, legendary discovery of new words and great loss.

Some players will find the text UI spartan and confusing, but after a few games you’ll find yourself controlling your fleets eyes closed and hands tied behind your back. Everything you have to do and need to know can be achieved with a few key presses. See the manual for details.


True origins of Conquest are largely unknown to me. I first encountered Conquest back in mid-90s on Amiga. I learned to love the game but eventually moved on from Amiga and forgot about Conquest for time being. In 2009 I remembered that the sources for Amiga port of Conquest were available. As the original was apparently written for Unices of the time, hacking the code to compile on modern GNU/Linux was easy.


This re-port (or back-backport) of Conquest fixes some annoyances I experienced in Amiga port of the game. For example, accidentally pressing quit key no longer passes the turn. Although various bugs have been fixed, there’s a bunch still remaining.


You can download the patched sources from here, or get the original sources from Aminet and patch the sources. Patched sources should compile cleanly on modern GNU/Linux.

Sources and the patch(es) here.

Start of the game Discovery of a new world Invasion Defending Brutal attack