SpeexComm - portable VoIP-application

As of 01 January 2015, this page and related content is no longer maintained. Content is preserved as-is for reference, archival, and historical reasons. Use at your own peril.


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SpeexComm is lightweight VoIP communications project which consists of client engine library and standalone server. SpeexComm provides low-latency, high quality sound using Speex as sound codec. Where available, DCCP can be used as transport protocol to enable automatic bitrate adjustment based on network status.

SpeexComm is dead.



SpeexComm should compile with ISO C99 compliant compiler on POSIX platforms. It only depends on libc and Speex. Actual system requirements (as in CPU performance and memory requirements) are currently unknown. With default settings, running engine consumes virtually no system resources on ordinary desktop computer from 2005.

Documentation and downloads

Documentation is available at SpeexComm wiki.

Downloads are available through anonymous Subversion repository. See trac for further information.