Woclema - Weblogging software for discriminating people

As of 08 October 2019, this page and related content is no longer maintained. Content is preserved as-is for reference, archival, and historical reasons. Use at your own peril.


Weblogs. Or blogs. They seems to be everywhere. Everybody blogs. Most weblogging software seem to run on PHP and MySQL (see Wikipedia article on weblog software). Is there no alternative?

Embrace Woclema, weblogging software for discriminating people like yourself. :-) Written in Perl and using PostgreSQL as database engine, highly original name Woclema stands for Weblog, Originally Command Line Editable/Manageable. Woclema comes with sophisticated front-end which, erm, allows you to feed in your entries using your favourite text editor and shell, be it combination of zsh/vim, Bash/Emacs, or any of the countless combinations.


Woclema started as simple Perl/PostgreSQL weblog thingie that could be edited and maintained with command line tools. Woclema supports entry categories, user comments, and permanent links (as long as primary keys in DB stay the same). It uses CSS for layout, so it should be fairly easily themed. Currently there is no spam protection for comments, nor any kind of interface to post or maintain the weblog using web-browser. However implementing neither should be a problem.

Woclema does not have any kind of markup language, nor does it hold your hand to prevent you from hurting yourself. It allows editors to insert HTML without artificial limitations. It does not allow others to do the same – for comments, text is HTMLized, i.e. potentially dangerous characters are written as entities such as <.


Documentation of Woclema is included in the distribution package as DocBook XML-file and PDF. There also exists occasionally updated online version, created with docbook2html.


While my personal weblog isn’t exactly a prime example of a weblog in action, it was the only known installation of Woclema. Take a look at an archived copy and read the release announcement.


Sources here.