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Photos from Eastern Finland

30 Jul 2007 21:02:50 photos
Somewhere along the way

Photos from my recent trip to Eastern Finland.

I hardly do any travelling in Finland, except for travelling 400 km north to see my parents in Tervo maybe two, three times a year. While I have already filled my quota, my wife have been talking about going to Juuka to visit her father’s childhood home – the place where she had spent countless summer days in her childhood. Since her father was going there, we decided to take advantage of free transport, and to kill two birds with one stone. For the next five days we would be seeing Juuka, Koli, and Tervo. This time I would also take my wife’s old camera with me.

I will spare you the details about our little trip, and suggest you take a look at the few photos I have selected to put online. Nothing special there, just some scenes of Finland in summer. It’s a rare occasion you know. :-)