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IPv6, finally without a tunnel!

17 Dec 2007 19:46:26 misc, network

Hooray! IPv6 without a tunnel! SixXS (Six Access) is an outstanding IPv6 tunnel broker with multiple PoPs all around world, including one here in Finland. If your ISP doesn’t provide IPv6, I can strongly recommend SixXS. It’s been a smooth ride!

However, now that my ISP, Nebula, provides IPv6 connectivity to its more advanced subscribers, I no longer need SixXS. Since it is impossible to get a new account after deleting an old one, I will keep the account in case I have to changes ISP without IPv6 connectivity.

As much as I’m happy to have “real” IPv6 connectivity, I’m not sure if it will change anything for me right now. Sure, I can see animated turtle at http://www.kame.net/ and get shorter route to limited number of hosts but otherwise little has changed. IPv6 will start solving problems only when others start using it too. I took an initiative earlier this year, now it’s your turn. Start your browser engines and get your IPv6 tunnel today!