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A long, long time ago...

12 Jun 2008 13:12:03 rant

Roughly 276,400,000 seconds ago I entered a building I hadn’t been in before. In practice, entering this particular building started process which would eventually last nearly nine years. During this process an IBM-PC-compatible computer would replace Amiga as my primary computer, I would get Internet access and start using GNU/Linux. I would meet a very special person and move to another city to get to live with her. We would get engaged, and married. We would get the most wonderful cat in the world, and worry about his problems a lot. I would go through five jobs, and my Chinese co-worker would quickly become one of my two true friends. My other friend would also move here from my old home town. I would see the world, and travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States of America, China and Japan. Eventually, I would spend a year working on hundred pages of text.

Today was the day when this nine year process finally ended. It ended with a piece of paper. I received it, bowed, turned around and simply walked away. I finally had my master’s degree in computer science. Realising that I had spent 23 years studying, the past nine years started to feel insignificant. They’re not. Every single event during past nine years have helped to shape me the person I am today. It has not always been easy or fun, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.