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Unbrearably busy doing nothing

9 Sep 2008 08:52:51 diary

Busy busy busy. It’s amazing how one can be busy doing nothing. Even a four week holiday wasn’t long enough to allow me to sort out some of my photos, earliest being from May – and don’t even get me started with DCCP or other projects I have… Things are little easier now that I’m done with my studies, but somehow I manage to waste most of my time sleeping and playing Homeworld and Sim City 4 (thanks to Wine). And now that I’m back to work it’s even worse.

My non-military service is set to start on 22 September. After the initial four-week so-called training at Lapinjärvi I’m supposed to spend 11 months working at Helsinki University. This whole deal sorted out quite well – far beyond my expectations. First of all I get to work in a familiar environment. Second, I may actually get to do something else than making coffee and sorting out papers. Finally, unlike some parties, University will take care of (half of) my apartment’s rent, feed me, and most likely also cover my expenses to get to work.

The only thing I’m worried about is the training. I’m supposed to spend and actually live four weeks with people completely alien to me (and probably some ten years younger than me) and with no proper Internet connection. I just hope they don’t have some fancy group activities there. I wouldn’t stand that for sure.

The good thing about this is that I’m probably going to have fewer responsibilities to worry about back home. Maybe then I will have the time to finish gazillions of unfinished things I have. Also, once I’ve put this stupid thing behind me I’m finally free from this burden.