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TJ 200

2 Mar 2009 12:59:14 misc

200 days to go. TJ 256 passed without much notice but my fellow servicemen couldn’t help but remind me about TJ 200. TJ comes from tänään jäljellä or “days remaining”, which is widely used in context of (non-)military service to indicate number of days until some significant date such as relief from duty. Talking of dates, UNIX dates 1234567890 and 1234554321 also passed not long ago.

My work at department of computer science, University of Helsinki, hasn’t changed much. I finished instructing a course on database applications in January and now I’m spending all my time in making Cubbli, or Common Ubuntu-based Linux, ready. I can’t say I agree with everything they’ve done in Ubuntu, but luckily under the hood it’s only slightly different from Debian.