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Hello, my nick is wnd, and I'm an addict

27 May 2009 11:29:24 diary

I like chip music.

Hello, my nick is wnd, and I’m an addict. I started regular use around six years ago and since then it has only got worse. At first I used maybe once a week, but since then once a week has become a few times a week, then once a day, and now it’s several times a day. I don’t know how to stop anymore.

Number of SIDs left per day

Three and half years ago I almost managed to pull myself back together. Then the latest thing kind of found me and I was hooked again. Lately I have managed to find something else to do with my life, but it’s not easy to leave old habits. I still use regularly but sometimes I manage to get through one day clean. I can’t make any long-time plans because I never know when the craving hits me again. Sometimes if I manage to get clean my friends online will just pull me back in it. I know I just have to stay strong but it’s hard. Now I’m just trying to live day at a time.

Today I finally managed to finish High Voltage SID Collection 44. I started this particular project back in late 2005, after I had finished HVSC 4.2. Even though I’m planning to steer clear of HVSC 50 for now, I know I can’t stay away from it for long. I know that eventually I have to listen through it too – and I know I can make it. If I remember correctly, 4.2 consisted of around 10,000 files, and switching to 44 meant I needed to go through some 16,000 files. After upgrading to 50, I only need to take care of 7327 files. If I start right away, I’m done with them before I’ve finished my non-military service.

And why did I do it? Because I’m addicted. I love chip music, and I love the sound of SID. There are several great songs I already know and I know there are even more great songs I’m yet to discover. I wanted to listen through HVSC to find those gems. Naturally my taste has changed during all these years but most of the listed songs are still my favourites. As of 27 May 2009, this list is written for HVSC 50.