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Patches for Maemo Mapper 2.6.2

9 Jun 2009 09:46:26 software

Patches for MaemoMapper.

  • Fixed numerous memory leaks.
  • Optimised POI dialog for speed.
  • Shift-clicking a POI will now open POI dialog.
  • Maemo Mapper can now download maps near POI in given categories.

About Maemo Mapper

Maemo Mapper “is geographical mapping softare specifically designed for the Maemo platform”. It’s not perfect, but despite its shortcomings it fits my Geocaching needs much better than Navicore’s proprietary map application (Maps) on N810/Diablo – which, by the way, I find much more useful as a map.

Changes to Maemo Mapper

If you have lots of POIs and have ever used Maemo Mapper continuously for hours, you may have noticed how it gets slower over time. You may have noticed how opening a POI dialog can take several seconds and after a few hours, even a minute. You may have noticed that after awhile you cannot run other applications alongside Maemo Mapper because the system is running out of memory. Simply put, in addition to fragmenting memory (partly thanks to GLib), Maemo Mapper 2.6.2 leaks memory. In the long run, quite a bit of it, actually.

New features allow users to download maps that cover POIs in selected categories. This way you don’t have to download the most detailed maps for entire area or manually for interesting places. You can simply tell Maemo Mapper to download level 2 and 4 maps for all POIs, and then manually download level 6 and 8 maps for entire area. A few UI paths are also shorter. For example if you tap and hold on a POI, the first menu item on context menu is to view POI. It is also possible to open POI details by shift-clicking a POI on the map.


Note that these patches are by no means carefully considered or thoroughly tested. I’ve checked my changes with Valgrind and quick testing but that’s all. Consider yourself warned.