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18 Sep 2009 12:20:37 diary
Täysin palvellut

There it is. Fully served, or “täysin palvellut”. On 22 September 2008 I begun my non-military service and took a bus to Lapinjärvi training centre. Today, 18 September 2009, 362 after that bus ride, I’m on duty for the very last day.

In a way I’m very glad it’s over – after all, this thing prevented me from travelling freely – but part of me will miss this. It was absolutely great to work here at Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. Thanks everyone!

While I also enjoyed working at Movial, I think my work here was much more important. Even though Movial also granted me freedom to choose how (and to a degree when) I worked, here at university I could truly choose my own pace. One day I would work for twelve hours straight, the other for three hours. Sometimes I would work in the middle of the night back home, only because I felt like that was the right time to do it – and because I could. I can’t help it, but my mind simply doesn’t work from nine to five. It works when it chooses to work. I only wish I would have had time to finish what I had started, but like any other GNU/Linux distribution, a finished distribution is a dead distribution.

On Monday I will return back to my “normal” life and start working at Movial again. It is still unclear what exactly I get to do there, but that’s probably not exactly public information anyway.