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SID of the day: Tetris by Wally Beben

18 Mar 2010 12:51:03 SotD

Tetris by Wally Beben

Tetris by Wally Beben isn’t just SID of the day but rather The SID of All Time. Seriously. I have loved this song ever since I first heard it back in 1990s. Since then I’ve made tape recordings of it, had it on my media player for long flights and such, listened to it to relax and to concentrate. At work I’ve been listening to this song for almost a week non-stop now. By now I’m fairly sure I have listened to this song literally for days if not weeks. It really is that good.

In all honesty though I’m sure not everyone will like it. This track keeps going for almost 26 minutes and it starts slowly. However, unlike many other long songs on C64 (such as Knuckle Busters by Rob Hubbard), I have never found this song boring. While I can’t hear an actual story in this song, it nonetheless describes me a journey through constantly changing scenery and all its wonders. Take your time, don’t stop after the first three minutes but listen it through once and then again. The song is worth it. You are worth it.