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PulseAudio helper for Bluetooth output

26 Nov 2018 00:00:00 software

Automate PulseAudio-Bluetooth chores with this Python script. Resolve and select device profile automatically, and provide a single tool to fix commonly occuring issues.

When I was eventually forced to use PulseAudio (thanks to an update to Kerbal Space Program a couple of years back), my hopes were not high. My past experience with PulseAudio was, to put it nicely, not pleasant. To much of my surprise PulseAudio had improved greatly since 2009, and nowadays no longer required daily restarts.

Fast-forward to another job, and newly encountered impracticality of wired headphones, I had to start using Bluetooth headphones. While it was possible to set up PulseAudio with Bluetooth headphones, life wasn’t exactly rosy. I had to manually set the output device and audio profile. Sometimes stuff would fail for no apparent reason. This is why I wrote pabt. pabt automates some of the chores.

Read more on Gitlab project page.