wanha - your pesky IRC guardian

As of 08 October 2019, this page and related content is no longer maintained. Content is preserved as-is for reference, archival, and historical reasons. Use at your own peril.


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wanha is combination of a Perl-script to run as a bot on IRC to watch the channel for URLs and another script to run as a web-interface on an HTTP-server. The bot will watch over the channel, friendly and warmly keeping the conversation going, discreetly couraging people not to paste already shared URLs again. The web-interface can be used to track to see what URLs have already been pasted and by whom – this greatly enhances Your and Your friends’ IRC-experience.


wanha currently uses PostgreSQL as a database for persistent information, and module Pg as the API. Using any other SQL-database should be trivial by modifying db.pl which houses the API to access the data. In addition to Pg, wanha also uses module Socket. Both should be trivial to find and install if not installed already.

The web-interface obviously requires a set-up HTTP-server that can run external application (CGI). Only the Pg module should be required for the web-interface. The web-interface can take advantage for mod_rewrite.c for pretty URLs but this is not required.


Documentation of wanha is included in the distribution package as plain-text file. There also exists occasionally updated online version in plain text.


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Thanks to wanha’s military-grade security and state-of-the-art user interface wanha is widely deployed on popular IRC channels throughout the globe. One of the finest example of wanha in action can be seen on The Original page. Lean back, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

The original page.


bzip2-compressed tar-balls of checked out Subversion repository exist.



First and foremost, wanha and related material is not to be taken seriously. This whole thing is a joke as should be taken as one. Author takes absolutely no resposibility of misuse of this brilliant piece of art. Some people may find approach of wanha offensive so respect their opinnions and please, don’t be a jerk.