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miau 0.6.5

23 Oct 2007 20:13:08 software

miau 0.6.5 is finally out. This release mostly about bugfixes – which is appropriate for application that is supposedly no longer developed. Like I have already said gazillion times, next generation miau is in works. Not that I would expect that to change any time soon…

See SourceForge for downloads.

Legacy comments

14 November 2008 10:04:41 +00:00, myn

Hello! Big thanks for this bouncer. It’s very-very-very comfortable.

But there is one problem.

I connect to internet thru NAT, and when i can’t send normal dcc-chat requests. But miau can bounce dcc only, when i initiated chat.

Say me please: can miau send dcc request itself (like psybnc)?

Thank you for miau again. And excuse me for my english. :)

4 October 2009 13:44:31 +00:00, weezel

Aww it doesn’t support SSL ! :’(