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sidplay2 and modern ALSA (for Maemo)

20 Jul 2008 10:38:01 maemo, software

I’ve patched sidplay2 to use ALSA output, and compiled a version for Maemo Diablo/Chinook.

Good old sidplay2 does superb job in emulating SID, the sound chip of Commodore 64. However it’s old and its ALSA “driver” is obsolete. Besides that, it only tries to compile ALSA on QNX. This patch should fix both issues. This also means that you can finally run sidplay2 on Maemo Chinook and newer. If you’re planning to play SID tunes on NIT, you may want to use sidplay1 instead to improve playback time.

When patching, you will have to apply Debian patch before Maemo patch. Naturally you will also have to recreate configure after applying the ALSA patch. automake && autoconf should do the trick. Note that automake may suggest running aclocal, and doing this will potentially break configure.