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Random photos: 2008

21 Jan 2011 14:44:51 photos
Töölönlahti, Helsinki, Finland

Small set of random photos taken in 2008. It surely took long to get these online.

See the pictures.


Nokia N810 as Bluetooth GPS dongle

11 Jan 2011 13:16:17 maemo

bt-gps is a wrapper script for making Nokia N810 running Maemo 4 (Diablo) to act as Bluetooth GPS dongle. I’ve used an old (and more complicated) version of the script with my dumbphone for over a year now. After reading this thread at talk.maemo.org for nth time I decided to improve, package and release the script to public. Have fun.

See the project page for more details or install for Diablo.


kikai.katei.fi, new and improved?

24 Sep 2010 09:16:50 diary, hardware

I’ve been planning to upgrade my home computer for the past year, and this Monday I finally did just that. My old computer’s motherboard and memory were from 2005 and the CPU was from 2007. The biggest issue I had with my old computer wasn’t the CPU speed, but rather the amount of memory I had. Now, I could have just bought more memory, but nowadays DDR1 modules are rather expensive. Expensive RAM was a good motivation to upgrade my system as whole.

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katei.fi is down, or, magic smoke

13 Sep 2010 21:24:37 hardware

My old new server from two years back let the magic smoke escape just earlier today. :-( chikan.katei.fi was churning in hundreds of thousands of lines into PostgreSQL database when disaster struck. When the process stopped, at first I thought it was yet another hickup with chikan’s integrated network card, but when my automagic script didn’t kick in and save the day, I got nervous.

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wanha 2010-03-22-r224

22 Mar 2010 09:57:40 software

This release of wanha fixes an HTML-injection issue that affected some browsers. Also, wanha IRC robot can now be told to check URLs and announce them on the chanel if they’re not wanha. Finally, some output strings were fixed.



SID of the day: Tetris by Wally Beben

18 Mar 2010 12:51:03 SotD

Tetris by Wally Beben

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Rome, August 2008

3 Jan 2010 16:43:45 photos
Colosseum, Rome, Italy

These pictures have been waiting for a review and tagging for ages. I almost finished the task last summer but somehow that final push was missing. Without further introduction here are the pictures – only 15 months late.


Python (2.5) and me

28 Dec 2009 13:53:17 rant, software

Python was sold to me as the best things since sliced bread. I can appreciate its principles such as “explicit is better than implicit”, “one way to do a thing”, and even “whitespace matters”. However, to me, there is a lot to compensate for the good stuff.

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SID of the day: Smo0oth Crimin4l by Owen Crowley (CRD)

6 Oct 2009 19:32:59 SotD

Smo0oth Crimin4l by Owen Crowley (CRD)

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HVSC and me

6 Oct 2009 13:00:54 diary

Now that I’m done with up to date copy of High Voltage SID Collection I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. In a way I should be happy to finish something as time consuming as this but on the other hand I feel sorry that’s it’s done. How did it all begin? While I’ve always been great fan of chip music, I started to actively listen SIDs as late as in 2001. Until then I had only listened to my favourite songs from my Commodore 64 times. I’m not sure what happened back in 2001, but I got this great idea of listening all songs in HVSC. At first I did very little progress. I ofter had the same song players for tens of minutes if not hours. I started from root directory of HVSC and entered directories manually one by one. On the bright side I only needed to keep track of current file. In any case all this trouble caused me to practically forget my plans. At this point I was listening to HVSC 4.2 (update 27), which contained around 16000 SIDs.

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