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6th kyu in iaido

5 Apr 2008 20:19:17 misc

After three months of rigorous training, I have succesfully completed the sixth kyu in iaido. Ok fine, it may not have been rigorous training but it sure has been fun doing it. And that’s what matters.

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Physics sandbox

5 Mar 2008 22:30:34 misc

Want to play with a physics sandbox? Give Phun a try.

I’ve always been fascinated by physics modeling, especially if it’s possible to play with it. I spent hours playing with Unigine physics modeling demo when v0.33 was released. (Too bad the physics demo is not included in v0.4 demo.)

Yesterday somebody pasted yet another (some of the links not safe for work, and some are not safe for anything) link on IRC that would change my life forever. Well, maybe not forever, but for a few days to come.

Phun is “A fun 2D physics sandbox by Emil Ernerfeldt. There are currently GNU/Linux (64-bit and 32-bit) and Windows version available, and Mac OS version is suggested. Get your copy and start wasting your precious time!


Maemo and Desktop plugin transparency

21 Feb 2008 16:15:35 maemo

How to create Maemo Desktop plugins with transparency, how to distinguist applet drag from applet click, how to add an entry to Applet settings, or how to package a Desktop applet? I wrote a simple example in hope to answer a question at Internet Tablet Talk forum.

Read my short and arrogant explanation of key ideas, take a look at source C file, or download the latest version of whole thing (as of 21 February 2008).


DealExtreme trouble

21 Feb 2008 10:01:04 misc

Online shopping can be a breeze. However, then things go awry, things may be a bit difficult to make right. Fortunately even Chinese online stores can indeed make things right. They’re just not making it too easy.

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Woclema & wanha updates

19 Feb 2008 14:21:53 software

New releases for Woclema and Wanha.

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N810 and IPv6

14 Feb 2008 12:36:00 maemo, network

Nokia N810 can indeed run an IPv6 stack and the applications can (and do) take advante of it, too!

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29 Jan 2008 13:01:18 misc

I recently came acros PlaneShift, a free online role-playing game that also runs in Linux. These are my first impressions of it.

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Microsoft Windows is Free

21 Jan 2008 13:14:51 rant

There’s an interesting article at tlug.jp about the cost of Windows and GNU/Linux, approached from Average Joe’s point of view. Is Windows really worth the money for general audience or are free alternatives cheaper even after having to go for more expensive hardware? Why do people often ignore the cost of pre-installed Windows? Why should they care?


N810 and built-in e-mail client

11 Jan 2008 12:18:59 maemo

My and my curiosity. Sigh. When I was told the built-in email-client on Nokia 770 was bad, I should have believed them. Instead, I wanted to believe there would have been progress since then, and wanted to experience N810 e-mail client myself. Bad move.

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My Nokia N810 is finally here!

11 Jan 2008 00:37:39 maemo, misc

Back in November – or maybe it was at the end of October – I decided to participate in Maemo developer program once again. I mean, even though I was turned down before, you never know. In 9 November I got a b0rken email telling me how things went wrong in a PHP-application – and btw you should receive your discount code shortly. Huh, wha– I was accepted? Nice, maybe I could get the device before Christmas. Nope.

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